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Free shipping on all orders over $100. Create your own interactive. We provide high quality touch products.

About us

Interactive Foils

The Interactive Foils brand develops interactive, self-adhesive, films that recognize the human touch through the substrate, pointing to the exact position by electrostatic induction. Through constant research, development and innovation, Interactive Foils offers several solutions that are able to give a simple invisible surface the multi-touch character. These systems help you to boost your business through digital signage.

All screens use a high resolution conductive ideology that detect multiple contacts simultaneously. These products can include plug and play, support from 10 to 100 touch points, in maximum 10mm glass thickness and sizes from 10 to 180 inches. They contain zoom in and zoom out function and rotation system, real-time response with waterproof material, dust and damage, low power consumption and withstanding extreme temperatures.

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If you order to Interactive Foils we offer you free shipment to your products that go perfectly protected and rolled in a tube. Everything to the easy install comes with it along with installation guides. We guarantee fast shipping and quality products.


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