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Create your own interactive


Be Interactive

The Interactive Foils brand develops interactive, self-adhesive, films that recognize the human touch.


Multitouch Foils

We provide an adhesive mounting method and removable mounting for multitouch foils, with multiple touch points.


Custom Solution

Select from Long Side Tail or Short Side Tail to begin, with 10-40 touches and different customized sizes.

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  • Interactive Touch Foil

    408,001.710,00 Exc. Vat

    PCAP TECHNOLOGY – ROBUST, FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE. – PCAP technology, which uses a pair of electrode network sensors, can more accurately calculate the contact position on the screen and is compatible with multi-touch functionality (up to 30 simultaneous touches)

    Multi-touch PCAP technology with high precision that allows greater interactivity in applications, such as enlarging and rotating images. Available in different sizes (from 15.6” to 65” inches).

    Order from the online store, for standard or custom designs, with quick answer and different payment methods.

    Cardboard tube included for transportation which means the customer will receive the product without any damage or problem.

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